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What to expect from treatment?

Initial Consultation

The first session will be around two hours in length and will include taking a full case history. Questions will be asked about your symptoms, sleep pattern, diet, digestion and other lifestyle factors. Also information about your medical history – any operations, medications and conditions will be discussed. Also a short physical examination which includes taking your pulses on both wrists, measuring your blood pressure, looking at your tongue and examining your physical structure.

A treatment plan will then be devised that is tailored to your individual needs. The first treatment then takes place and involves the insertion of very fine needles into appropriate acupuncture points. All needles are single use only and come sealed in sterile packaging. Most people are surprised at how little they feel when the needles are inserted. They are as fine as two strands of human hair. When the needle is inserted you may feel a tingling sensation or a dull ache. Most people find the overall experience of treatment very relaxing.

Follow up sessions

Following treatments will last from 45 minutes to one hour and your progress will be discussed at each visit. It is usually most beneficial to undertake 4-6 sessions at weekly intervals depending on how you respond to treatment. After this time, treatment intervals can begin to be more widely spaced out, eventually to point where you come once at around the change of season for a 'tune-up' that acts as a preventative measure. Treatments are cumulative and build on each other to help with your main complaint and overall well being.

The length of time your ailment has been present is also factor to the number of sessions you may require. Your practitioner will advise you of the spacings during the course of treatment. More information can be found in the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section.

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